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Memorial Park District
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In Memory Plaque

Commemorate a date, person, event or an organization, in one of our 17 beautiful parks.

For further information call (708) 547-3900. Ask for Rose Mason
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Look for this symbol throughout our website for Memorial Park District Volunteer Opportunities.

Please remember to use the green and yellow paper recycling bin behind our Stevenson Center, (3101 Washington Blvd. Bellwood) for your newspaper, catalogs and magazines, direct mail, phone books, office paper and shredded paper in plastic bags. You can help the environment and the park district at the same time as we get money back for recycled materials. The more that is recycled, the more the park district is reimbursed. Thank you for your support
MPD Recycling Campaign
Eisenhower Day Camp
Upcoming Center Events
Memorial Park District is a BULLY FREE environment!
Spartan Football/Spirit Cheer (Saturdays Only)
2014 Members Only Basketball League

Online Schedule
   2014 MOBL

Team Standings
Congratulation to the CELTICS for winning the entire league!

Who'll claim the top spot next time? Find out when the Summer season begins June 14!
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Don't miss our Hot Deals for staying cool this summer. Options available are: Family, Individual Youth or Adult and Senior.
Also, don't miss out on our new option, the "Punch Card Program". Guaranteed to save you money!
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Final Round Summer Camp
(Teaches the fundamentals of self defense to youth and teens)
Check out the photos below to see all the great vendors involved in making this year's Health Fair, which was held at the Center at Stevenson on Thursday, May 29, such a success. Thank you to all who came out and participated.
Did you make it to this year's
Health Fair?
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