Swimming Pool Information

Red Cross Lifeguarding Certification Available Now!

Receive your American Red Cross Lifeguard, First Aid and CPR Certification: all of which are needed to be a certified lifeguard at Memorial Park district. This completed course allows you to develop skill and experience that will be valued by colleges and aquatic parks and facilities.

Test Location: TBS
Application: Eisenhower Community Center, Hillside
For more information contact: angeldjohnson20@yahoo.com

Pretest required to take the course is as follows: ability to swim 300 yards continuously using 100 yards of front crawl, 100 yards of breaststroke and 100 yards of either front crawl or breaststroke and swim 20 yards front crawl or breaststroke, retrieve a 10 lb. object from a depth of 7 - 10 ft., return it to the surface and swim 20 yards back to the starting point with the object.

If you are unable to complete the pretest you may be issued a refund of 75%. Participants must be presented for all dates. Winter ad Spring dates TBA.

Original Cost: $300
All MPD Lifeguards Cost: $250